Monday, April 20, 2015

To my niece Vienna:

I love your cuddles, your smiles, your giggles and yes, even your frowns.

 You're just too cute!

 I pray earnestly that you will grow to be a woman who seeks after God and who's greatest desire is to honor Him! May He do great things in your life for His glory! 

Your auntie will always be here for you, to pray for you and to talk with you through all life's joys and trials. Keep your eyes on Him, dear girl, and He will not forsake you. I love you my precious niece!

(Many thanks to Gracie for taking these pictures of Vienna and I)  


Anonymous said...

This is wonderfully lovely. God truly is to be praised. Bless you all!

Liv said...

Love seeing posts again from your family!

Kate said...

What a sweet relationship!!

Elanee said...

How special and beautiful. Praise God for giving you such a wonderful opportunity to speak into Vienna's life. I guess I haven't seen her in a while. She's SO grown up now:)